Areas of Expertise


We start by understanding business strategy and future needs. The commercial and social imperatives are what ultimately help shape the workplace. This process involves the interplay between design and business strategy.

While not always required, design strategy often uses social research methods to help ground the results and mitigate the risk of any course of action. This approach has proven useful for companies in a variety of strategic scenarios.


Workplace design isn’t just about making the environment look appealing. It’s about extending the brand, the experience, and augmenting daily life.  We use our expertise to transform the workplace into high performance workspaces for today’s connected, mobile workforce whilst also exploring alternatives to make the most of the cost metrics.


We fix the cost of the project. This places the responsibility of safe guarding the project’s time and budget on our shoulders.

Risk, communication, strategy, details, time, bidding, procurement, cost and resource management, project documentation and drawing management, and scheduling. These are all areas our commercially astute teams have built a reputation in successfully managing. But what they also do is actively look for opportunities that benefit our clients.


Central to our history is our dedication and attention to detail with our documentation. We leave nothing to chance or interpretation. This means that our clients have a seamless and stress free project as well having the confidence that all trade and services deliver an exceptional result.


Creating visually inspiring environments that service the needs of the business and staff is one part of the workspace. The other part is working with the business to transform the culture so that the organisation has high performing and a highly engaged workforce. Our approach is uniquely suited to the values, beliefs, and business challenges facing decision-makers. It is a “Good to Great” model that embeds long term culture change and identifies the best of “what is” and “what might be”.


Our Clients Are Bold And Ambitious Business Leaders



Thought Leadership

The majority of workplace designs that are being implemented throughout offices today are based on strategies that are 5 years old. In 2019 the workforce will be very different. It will be more nimble, better connected, highly collaborative, and energised.

Thought Leadership