Hewison Private Wealth

The design of the new workplace for Hewison Private Wealth is a complete reworking of an earlier, inherited fitout that had a severe corporate and masculine look.

The client’s design brief to Graham Nicholas called for a completely new public space comprising a formal reception and waiting room; a variety of client meeting rooms, an internal meeting / training room, plus a large staff breakout that could double as a client seminar and entertainment venue . The staff work space has been considerably expanded, with more offices for client advisors and provision for future growth.

The client base of Hewison Private Wealth is mainly families and individuals; therefore the desired look was to be more residential in tone; to embrace the feminine in terms of colours and materials, and to create a unique design for each room.

The GN design team focused on creating individual furniture, artwork and colour schemes for each client meeting room. Hewison staff was instrumental in this process, providing us with advice on which of the existing elements they wished to keep, and conducting internal workshops on how they might express their work culture in the new design. The breakout in particular was pretty much a creation of the staff.

The project achieved a good sustainability outcome in terms of reuse. We retained or relocated all of the existing workstations, plus most of the loose furniture and built in joinery. Existing ceilings and floor finishes were retained wherever possible.

The GN project management team were required to plan and implement a multi stage fitout.  This was a considerable challenge given the client remained in operation throughout the construction period.