Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) – Melbourne

The Institute of Public Accountants is one of Australia’s oldest representative professional bodies, formed over 90 years ago. Graham Nicholas designed and project managed the office fit out for the then named National Institute of Accountants in 2008. After a decade occupying the same premises, and following a re-brand to the Institute of Public Accountants we have again partnered with our client to completely redesign their public spaces and to refresh the work space.

The brief called for a re-think of how the public members’ area is used. The new design retains the training rooms that support a core function of this organisation, but removed a number of underutilised and enclosed meeting rooms. The catering kitchen that supports the training function was also brought into the open.

The result is a new members’ lounge that provides a variety of meeting settings, both open and semi-enclosed. Touch down desks are provided for members visiting from out of town . The reception, training room breakout and self-service catering facilities are all integrated into a flexible, seamless space that reflects the new branding, and brings a welcome flood of daylight into a formerly dark space.

The boardroom has been relocated adjacent to the staff breakout area where it can double as a meeting and working room. The surrounding work spaces have been completely refreshed with new carpets, office furniture, workstations and planting.

Graham Nicholas planned and managed a staged construction programme that was vital to the success of the project, as all of this change was achieved with the floor fully being occupied.